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Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) - Charlaine Harris This review was originally posted on http://threecatsandabook.blogspot.com/

I’m a really big fan of guilty pleasure series. You know, those books that you’re not really willing to admit you secretly love and read. I love reading such books in between heavy reads, just to have something to read while not straining your braincells too much.

While my usual go-to guilty pleasures are Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Lairs books, this time I opted to try out a different series: The Sookie Stackhouse series. Funny thing is, a lot of tv series are based on these guilty pleasure series. For instance, you might know Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood.

I had never seen an episode of True Blood and I was completely unfamiliar with the storyline of Dead Until Dark, the first book in the series. Sookie Stackhouse lives in a world where vampires aren’t hiding in their coffins anymore. Well, they do, during the day, but at night vampires are free to walk around town. But of course, you already know this if you watch True Blood. But for those who don’t watch True Blood, Sookie isn’t just your average waitress in a bar that serves synthetic blood. She can read minds. Except for Bill, Bon Temps’ only vampire.

I liked Dead Until Dark. I liked Sookie a lot and the story was exciting enough to keep me reading. Other than that, I don’t have anything else positive to say about this book. But that’s okay, because a book like Dead Until Dark doesn’t need a lot more than this.
I didn’t like any of the other characters. The use of language wasn’t special. And I wasn’t charmed by the sex scenes either. Actually, those scenes were too frequent and at times I didn’t even know characters were getting it on until someone... Well, reached their climax, I guess.

Dead Until Dark was a nice book to read in between heavy reads. I didn’t expect much from it and I don’t think you should when you are going to read this book. Although I liked this book, I didn’t liked the ending of it at all. Actually, I feel like this book lacks an ending which kind of makes me feel betrayed as the reader of it. Hello, I spent quite some time reading this books and I expect to get a satisfactory ending in return!

If you’re looking for a quick and fun read in between those mandatory books for school I would rather recommend Pretty Little Liars than Dead Until Dark. Unless you like vampires. Or are a fan of True Blood of course.