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Size 12 Is Not Fat - Meg Cabot This review was originally posted on http://threecatsandabook.blogspot.com/

While reading this book I discovered that I might know a little too much about Meg Cabot personally. Like how she worked as an assistant manager of a residence hall in NYC similar to Heather Wells, the protagonist of Size 12 Is Not Fat. Or how she loves cold sesame noodles.

Actually, I’m not sure about the noodles, but I figured she likes them because Mia from the Princess Diaries eats them all the time and Heather wonders: “How on earth could anyone ever give up cold sesame noodles?”

Size 12 Is Not Fat is about Heather Wells who, in general, talks a lot about food. She used to be a teen popstar but after losing her recording contract, her life savings (which her mom ran away with) and her boyfriend and gaining a couple pounds, she finds herself working as an assistant dorm director at New York College. Up until now it sounds pretty chicklitty, right?
Until a dead girl is found at the bottom of the elevator shaft at Heather’s residence hall.

I’ve read a lot of Meg Cabot books. Some of them I loved, like the entire Princess Diaries series and Avalon High, others I wasn’t a big fan of, like The Boy Next Door. I was hoping the Heather Wells Mystery series would be like a more mature Princess Diaries.
Fortunately, Size 12 Is Not Fat has Meg Cabot’s humor and writing style. On those levels this book does not disappoint at all. With the exception of two recurring taglines (“Size 12 is not fat!” and “Dorm, I mean, residence hall.”) that got kind of annoying after a while, this book was very funny and a nice read.

What makes this book different from the other Meg Cabot books I’ve read is that this is a mystery novel. I think Meg Cabot did a great job with combining her usual type of storylines with mystery. This book didn’t really leave me at the edge of my seat, but that’s okay because I don’t want or expect that from a Meg Cabot book. What I want when I'm reading her books is to be entertained. And that is exactly what this book does.

Although I enjoyed Size 12 Is Not Fat, I'm sorry to say that it is wasn't as enjoyable as any of the Princess Diaries books. The characters in this book weren't by far as good as the ones from Mia Thermopolis' world. But other than that Size 12 Is Not Fat was a very nice read (and I shouldn't compare books anyway).

If you’re looking for a light read that isn’t too chicklitty but not too serious either, Size 12 Is Not Fat is for you. I liked it and I probably would have liked it even more if I didn’t start reading it with such high expectations.