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The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick This review was originally posted on http://threecatsandabook.blogspot.com

I saw the film first and absolutely loved it. Then I loved the book just as much. I tend to compare books and film adaptations in my reviews but I’m not going to do that now, because I figured that’s not of much use. But my advice concerning the film is: go see it and if you love it read the book.

So I loved the film and then read the book. The book differs a whole lot from the film (I know that’s comparing them, but I think saying this is essential for this review). And that’s not bad. I felt like whilst I was enjoying this amazing book, I was also discovering another part of the film after I’ve seen it. There’s so much more going on in Pat’s mind than you actually get to see in the film, yet as I was reading the book I still recognized bits that I hadn’t seen before. If that makes any sense.

This review is going all over the place. To come to the point, The Silver Linings Playbook is about Pat Peoples who’s going through some horrible stuff and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. In the beginning of the book he is released and goes home to live with his parents. You basically follow him for a while as he is adjusting to living in the “real world”.

What I loved most about this book is Pat. From the very first page I felt a very strong connection with him. I could relate really well to him and he is such a sympathetic character that you’re bound to care for him. Thinking of it, I actually kind of miss him now that I’ve finished the book.

Just for Pat alone, for getting to know this amazing character, I would highly recommend reading this book. But this book also has a very positive tone overall. This is a book that you should definitely pick up if you ever do feel a little down, because Pat is your very personal motivator to reach for your silver lining even though he doesn’t have it very easy himself at all.

This book in general is really good. But what really made it so wonderful was Pat. I can hardly believe Matthew Quick was able to create a fictional character that I feel so sympathetic for, but also a character that reassures and motivates me. All the other characters in this book were pretty amazing as well. I was able to picture them very clearly. There’s so much more to say about this book but all I want to say is “Pat”.

However, I just remembered there are two other things I’d like to say about this book. Much like Charlie from the Perks of Being a Wallflower, Pat spends a lot of time reading classics. Once he’s finished reading one he likes to tell the reader what he thought about it. Usually these mini-reviews are very critical and really hilarious. Furthermore, the idea of film comes back repeatedly in this book. Pat refuses to watch movies as he believes he is watching the movie of his life until he’s found the silver lining. The funny thing is that some chapters are described as movies, there’s even a training montage that I really enjoyed reading.

I just thought those two elements were worth mentioning, but other than that: you should read The Silver Linings Playbook because Pat is one of the most wonderful characters you’ll ever meet.